To passing motorists, the log cabin nestled in a dense copse of trees outside Oxford Mississippi, may not seem any more significant than other structures along County Road 321.

Upon lowering the car windows, however, the whiff of delectable scents wafting one’s way might give cause to consider it further. A closer approach would reveal that the cabin’s size is imposing, and upon entering, one would find that this simple timber-hewn structure houses one of the finest restaurants in the South: Ravine.

Beneath the surface, though, Ravine is something more than just a great restaurant; it is also a great proving ground, a culinary incubator where Chef Joel Miller – in addition to serving up some incredible eats – nurtures incipient stars of gastronomy: teaching them his secrets and urging them to seek discoveries of their own.

By arrangement with the Culinary Institute of America, chefs-in-training trek from CIA’s main campus at Hyde Park, New York to come to Ravine; and they compete for the privilege.

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