Ravine: The Story Behind Our Restaurant

Many a glass of wine ago, native Southerners Cori and Joel first conceived the idea for their own restaurant -- one with attentive service, exciting food, and an inviting atmosphere. As their dream grew, so did their plans. They drew sketches of an out-of-the-way place with lots of trees and a big porch where people could enjoy eating outside. They envisioned a menu that would reflect the changing seasons, serving food grown from the restaurant’s own garden and renewed through other seasonal ingredients available from local providers. They even decided what they would call the place: Ravine.

Along the way, Cori and Joel found themselves in California, where they also found that the latest food revolution had produced a culinary scene similar to the one they had pictured. This discovery reinforced their dream and set their plans in motion. At the time, the two considered pursuing their dining venture out West, but the draw of the familiar South beckoned them home. The decision to move to Mississippi was sealed when they learned they would soon be welcoming a new baby boy.

Once settled in Oxford, Cori and Joel discovered a quaint bed and breakfast for sale which was strikingly reminiscent of the earlier sketches they had made. A few bank meetings, a simple business plan, and a couple glasses of wine later, their vision had started to materialize.

Today, Cori and Joel, along with their young sons Henry and Louis, are finally realizing their dream with Ravine. It’s a place in which they find something exciting every day: maintaining their own gardens, utilizing other small businesses in the area, and being a part of the growing community that is Oxford, Mississippi. They cannot wait for you to join them and share in the experience!